Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whoo Hoo!

Okay, totally off topic but I just had to same yay! Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in one Olympics Game!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing! I was so amazed! I'm just so glad to be an American. This is actually the first Olympics I've ever really watched and I'm so happy I caught the 2008 Beijing Olympics! It's totally phenomenal. Just so surreal. GO MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!!!!!! USA USA USA USA!!!!! It's completely amazing. Did anyone else watch this wonderful race that changed history???????


Edit: Okay, tonight was the Gymnastics Individual Finals. Alicia Sacromone, who I felt so bad for in the Finals for falling twice, was first up on the vault, but in the end, she was knocked to first and a 31(?) year-old German gymnasts won the gold, which is great for being 31 and all. Then on the floor excercise. Shawn Johnson was up, and was first all the way through, even knocked Nastia Liukin down when she came up 2nd to last barely. Then the last gymnasts, a romanian, knocked Shawn down to silver, it really sucked. I was rooting for Shawn, I really wanted her to get a gold at her first Olympics. But it didn't happen, and if I remember right, she has all silvers now, which is still phenomenal, but it's sucks she didn't get the gold. aT least she's young and can reach another Olympics, right?


  1. I watched this right now. This man is invincible! Watching him swim (like a shark) makes me so hyper... I'm like go go go! :)

    He's super talented.

  2. His whole venture at these olympics is phenomenal. I watched every single race and I'm completely in awe of him. Being a swimmer myself, I know how impossible a feat like that can be. Thanks so much for posting about it!


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