Monday, August 4, 2008

Coming Soon: My Thoughts on Breaking Dawn

Coming soon. I am too hyped up right now because I only just finished it . . . (Looked at clock) 33 minutes ago so I can't really think clearly about everything. I will not necessarily write a review about what I thought and about the writing and such like usual reviews it'll be more on . . . certain things and the overall result of the novel.

Edit: I am going to read it again, as I usually do with such an important and long book. It's easier to remember things then. Plus I don't want to let go of Bella, Edward and Jacob yet . . . So, yeah, it might be another day or longer until I post my thoughts on Breaking Dawn and even so it'll probably take awhile for the whole post to be finished because there's so much to think about and it's hard to think it all once so I might even have a few more reviews up before I officially have my 'thoughts' up.


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