Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer *SPOILERS*

Okay, yes it's been . . . about a week since I read Breaking Dawn, I think. So, I don't think I will post a summary because it's just to complicated and I felt the summary on the flap of the book didn't summarize the novel very well. So I think I'll just skip that. Okay, so this is what I thought:

Book One: I thought that the beginning of the novel was so beautiful. It really held together well and I felt that Bella was a lot older then when we left off in Eclipse. Which is okay since she is getting married. The wedding scene was gorgeous. I couldn't of wished for a better scene. Then the whole scene with Jacob in the wedding, I didn't expect that. I was glad that he had come to the wedding but I was expecting different. When Stephenie said in the spoiler that it wasn't a . . . did she say, dream wedding? I was expecting something big to happen, but other then Jacob coming, it was a dream wedding and yes, I feel that even with Jacob coming it was. At the honeymoon, I thought was hilarious and beautiful. But then, when Bella, got pregnant, I was in incredible shock, I don't think I really thought about it, I just kept on reading.

Book Two: When the book switched over to Jacob's POV, I was mad. For when what had just happened, I couldn't believe Stephenie did that. But then I could see why. We probably would've been extremely bored if she kept on with Bella POV. With her just always on the couch and everything. But with Jacob, I was so incredible happy with how the whole way his book went. For what had happened I thought Stephenie did a fabulous job with Book Two. The scene with Bella in labor was probably the best and worst scene in the whole book, but it was so beautifully written. I was in heaven with the second book.

Book Three: I admit, I was sort of hoping we would get into Edward's mind with Book Three, but obviously that didn't happen. But the the first chapter in Book Three was impeccable. I loved it so very much. I loved how Edward made Bella a vampire it was just unbelieveably beautiful. The whole first half of the third book was perfection for what the book was. Then, I think about the time after Charlie came for a visit, it sort of got boring for a little bit. Then when Alice had that vision about the Volturi I sort of went up again, but not as much. (Oh, one of my favorite scene's is when Bella challenges Emmett to a arm wrestling match. The was awesome. I was laughing so hard! I just had to say that real quick.) I admit it was exciting having having all those vampires there meeting Renesmee/Nessie, who is so amazing (I love Nessie!), and them preparing for the match that never happened. It was all very cool. I had heard that there wasn's as much violence in this book, but I was at least hopeing for something with fighting to happen, I mean, it was kind of boring that final match. But one of the highlights of this book is when Bella reaches the top of her power of shielding. That was amazing. I was giddy with joy at how she was working that at the match-that-never-really-happened. It was phenomenal. Then the happily ever after. Aww, I was over the moon reading that.

Overall: I thought the novel was unexpected, but then again, anything that happened in this novel was uexpected. Nobody had no clue what would happen in this book. So I've been keeping an open mind. The direction Meyer took was probably the least expected, but honestly, I knew this was going to be a humongous book and I could not come up with anything remotely big enought to cover the whole book. But, yeah, I'm happy with it, and I thought it was good, maybe not as good at the first three, but still amazing. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.



  1. I was mad when I saw that book two was from his perspective, too! But I also came to see why and understood and it was actually really pretty good! His chapter titles were sort of awesome :)

    It's funny how so many people have varying reactions when comparing BD to the first three in the series. This book was so different from the other three, in tone and everything, that it was bound to sort of be seen as a seperate piece. Interesting!

  2. I love your review. I love Nessie too!! Breaking Dawn, for me at least, was wonderful and i'm sad to see it end.

  3. i personaly loved breaking dawn the most. i was kinda in shock when i saw that it would be in jacobs piont of view then i got mad and had to stop reading then after i read it i understood it but i was too sad about Jacobs pain to read it again and then the third book made me start by feeling happy then suprised and sad i cried when alice left and kept feeling likee she would jump out and yell "gotcha" but eventualy i lost hope and was crying so much when she went to visit that guy for renessme(whom is my fave out of everyone) and pretty much continued to cry till the happily ever after and then i couldnt force myself to cry that it was over cause it ended so happily but i went into a depresion for 3/4 of the year which sucked i guess that shows how much of a life i have, lol and i just feel sad still but now like im waiting not just hopeless so im better i just wish she would write another one.


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