Sunday, August 3, 2008

ARC-Switch by Carol Snow

Claire Martin has some serious body issues.

Not much happens in Claire's sleepy beach town, but that's okay. All she wants is to hang out with her best friend, make the high school swim team, and convince Nate, the guy of her dreams, to stop calling her "Dude." And, oh - she'd really,
really like to stay in her own skin.

Ever since Claire hit her teens, electrical storms have been making her switch bodies. Usually she's back to her old self in no time. But when something goes terribly wrong, she finds herself stuck as another girl. And not just any girl, but the icy beauty who has caught Nate's eye.

Suddenly Claire goes from being Miss Average to Miss Gorgeous - the model-thin blonde that every girl wants to look like and every guy wants to date. Will she ever figure out how to get back to her old life? More importantly, will she want to?

I had read a bunch of interviews for this novel and I heard it was really good but I sort of felt disappointed. It was not what I expected at all. Now, don't get me wrong, this novel was really great for a first time Young Adult novelist. Carol Snow did fabulous. Her writing was perfect and the characters were crafted excellently. But compared to the other reviews, it was sort of a let down. Or maybe it was just because it was totally different then I thought it would be for the way Claire switch and what had happened with that.

Overall this novel is a must-read. It's short was awesome. I loved the setting it was amazing. Claire was what a fifteen year old girl probably should act like. My favorite thing about this novel was the writing though. It was a bit different then a lot of books but completely excellent. Carol Snow caught everything perfectly. I loved this book and plan on reading another book by Carol Snow.

Switch by Carol Snow will be released from Harper Collins Publications September 9, 2008.

Reviewed for the Harperteen First Look Program.


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  1. i was supposed to get this from HarperTeen, but....they havent sent it to me yet :( i was really looking forward to reading it. still am


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