Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Few Notes (Again)

Just a few notes to talk about.

First of all: My mom's good friend, Linda, went down to a town about two hours from where we live and she got a copy of Breaking Dawn for me while she was down there. Actually it was the last copy! Yay to Linda! Since I live in a small town there is not a book store in sight for about 2 hours. The closest one is a little B. Daltons. We have to drive about 3 hours to actually get to a Barnes and Noble so this was awesome. Double yay to Linda! Thanks! But anyway, I don't think I will post a full review on it, but I might just post a spoiler free on if I thought it was good or not (I am without a doubt it will be) and whether I thought the series ended all right. So you won't have to be scared to come to my blog in case you haven't read or finished reading it yet. But I don't even have it yet so it'll still be awhile.

Second: I am planning to make to! You heard me right I am planning on getting my very own domain! I am really excited about this. I cannot wait!

So that's that. In a little bit I probably won't be on at all until Breaking Dawn is finished. So yeah.


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