Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bored Post

This is a post just because I'm bored. I don't think anyone is online because everybody is reading Breaking Dawn . . . . Oh, well. I' be reading it soon enough.

But, while every one is reading Breaking Dawn . . . I get to read Read My Lips! Yeah. I have less then a hundred pages left and I plan to have the review done by tonight. I am liking it, But it's just not a WOW novel for me. You know. Well, I'll wait until my review to tell you what else I think of Read My Lips by Teri Brown.

On another note, I've been going around a few places and nobody has any spoilers up that I have seen for Breaking Dawn. That's awesome! I'm so happy everybody is keeping it to themselves so far! I don't want any spoilers besides one that Stephenie had given us, which was awesome by the way! I was going to post my thoughts on it but when I posted it it messed up the post above it for some odd reason, so I just gave up on it. But yeah, that was awesome. I totally agree with Stephenie.

Another thing, I am apart of the Harperteen First Look program, right? So, anyway, I had gotten The Big Game of Everything and Switch from them for June's books and I got The Big Game of Everything in a week or two fine. But with Switch it came in the mail finally yesterday. The day my review was due. So I sent them an email telling them I hope you don't expect the review from me by tonight you know? So, yeah that happened also and I haven't heard from them yet, so I guess it doesn't bother them, just thought I'd share that with you. Has anyone else has this problem? How did they handle it if you didn't get the review in on time?

But, yeah, after I read Read My Lips by Teri Brown I plan on reading Switch by Carol Snow, which I've heard awesome reviews for!

Oh and I wanted to tell you about these awesome movies I say the other day from Netflix, 'cause I'm bored. I watched 21, Step Up 2: The Street, and Penelope. I have to say, I really liked all of them. 21 was probably the longest of them all and I just like how it was made and Kevin Spacey was excellent, it was my first movie I have seen him in after seeing him first in Pay it Forward. Step Up 2 was good. I loved the dancing but I think I liked the first one better but it was still really good movie, I loved that Channing Tatum/Tyler Gage from the first movie made a cameo in it. That was awesome. Now, Penelope. I thought that movie was so cute. Beyond cute. Christina Ricci was awesome but Reese Witherspoon was amazing! I loved this movie. It was very fairy tale-ish and the ending was sweet. I love the whole atmosphere of that movie. Plus it didn't hurt that there was a scene from the Twilight movie in it. The scene from Twilight where Edward shows Bella his house and room. There is a little part that was in the first trailer, you know where he takes her on his back and he sort of jumps/flies out the window, yeah that part. It was pretty cool.

Oh, I forgot! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 will be out on Wednesday!!! Yay! I'm so excited! This movie looks awesome. It's based on the last film but I think it'll really be based on the second, third, and fourth books, but probably mostly the fourth. But anyhow, I'm SUPER excited! I can't wait!

Well, I think that's about it . . .


P.S. Sorry, I understand if you don't want to read this whole post. I probably wouldn't either.

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  1. The same exact thing happened with Switch with me also.


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