Saturday, November 22, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Theatrical Trailer!

I know some of you have seen it already since it was introduced with Twilight in theaters yesterday, but I say nobody posted about it yet, so here it is! I saw it before the movie was out on IMDb but when I went back to look for it right before I left for Twilight they had taken it off-line and I couldn't find it anywhere, but it's here now:

That last part just breaks my heart knowing what happens at the end . . .


  1. Ah, I've been meaning to post this...I saw it before Twilight online, but it's so amazing, isn't it?
    i'm excitedddd


  2. I'm sooo excited! :) LOVE harry potter.

  3. I love HARRY POTTER. But i like Daniel when he was a kid more than now.


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