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I've Been Nominated!

Oh, my gosh. I can't believe it! Thank you so much to Kayla at Midnight Twilight's Book Blog for nominating me, it means the world to me! Edit: I just found out Liv nominated me back! Thanks a bunch Liv! Minnesotans Rule!

The Rules:

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least seven other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5) Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

And for my nominations:

Just Blinded Book Reviews
--- She's new to the blogging world but her reviews are awesome and she's a very nice person!

Read, Read, Read --- I love her reviews and taste in books, Chelsie rocks!

Liv's Book Reviews --- I *heart* her books choices and reviews and Liv is awesome!

The Book Muncher --- She's a reading machine and Rachael is just and amazing person, she's inspired me in the blogging world.

Em's Bookshelf --- I love her review's and she's a maniac in the blogging world (In a nice way!).

The Story Siren --- I'm sure she's been nominated a bunch but Kristi is the best and she deserves it!

Midnight Twilight's Book Blog --- Kayla, thanks again for nominating me! I want to nominate you back 'cause your awesome! Thanks a bunch. Your reviews rock!


Three Quick Notes

Hi! Here are three new announcments/notes/updates I wanted to make.

1) So I just wanted to tell you that from the release of the trailer, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, yesterday, it is the top trailer at (There's a picture of Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe and straight to the right there is a orange/green box for Xbox live top trailers. Harry is the top!) Is anyone else as psyched as me?

2) J.K. Rowling's new book, The Tales of Beedle The Bard, is up for pre-order today! Yay! The release of the book is December 4th, 2008. Five tales and only one is already told from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Tale of the Three Brothers. Who's going to pre-order this? Here's the awesome cover:

3) There is an awesome new article from Twilight Saga author, Stephenie Meyer in USA Today. Click here for the article. What do you think? Five books in one year?


Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs

If Phoebe Castro keeps her grades up and have another stellar cross-country season, her dream of attending USC with her best friends is only a track scholarship away. She's made all her plans, so it's a complete shock when he mom announces she's marrying a mysterious stranger and moving them halfway around the world - to Greece.

Phoebe's stuck on a secret island in the Aegean attending the super-exclusive Academy, where her new stepfather is the headmaster and the kids are
anything but your average students - they are descendants of the Greek gods, superpowers included. That's right, Greek gods are no myth! If Phoebe thought high school was hard, she knows this is going to be mortal misery.

Securing that scholarship seems like Phoebe's only ticket out of Greece, but training and maintaining her grades will be grueling, even without sabotaging stepsister from Hades and a gorgeous guy - what a god! - who just might be her Achilles' heel. One thing is for sure - summoning the will to win and finding her place among the gods could be Phoebe's toughest course yet.

The Greek gods get a makeover in this romantic odyssey of mythical proportion.

This was such an incredibly unique story, and I absolutely loved it. It wasn't what i expected at all. Phoebe was such a likable character. She was like my very own friend. Even after I read the inside flap for this book. I was completely astonished by it, I feel like I entirely skipped over the word 'superpowers' because I totally didn't expect it. I'm just glad I had a quarter of English last year on the Greek gods. Hehe.

I loved how Tera Lynn Childs put a modern turn on the Greek gods. It was fabulous. I like theses types a book, the other book I like being Avalon High, which brought a modern turn on the Court of King Arthur. Childs is a great new author. Like her website states: Fresh Teen Fiction with a Twist of Myth. It's terrific. I mean, this novel would probably been way too original to be a hit as it is if there weren't any gods in it. But it is a hit and I loved every aspect of it.

I cannot wait for the sequel, currently untitled, supposedly out the Spring of 2009. Childs will sure to be a hit with these teen books of hers. As I just said. I CANNOT wait. Hehe.

I highly recommend this book.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer! (I am Hyperventilating!)

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am HYPERVENTILATING!!!! I have been waiting since The Order of the Phoenix since this trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am actually, well hopefully going to see this for my birthday since it comes out on the 21st of November and my birthday is the 17th of November. So yeah!!!! I still can't breath very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, okay, the trailer isn't much but it's a step closer, right? Tell me what you think! (Thanks to The Queen B at The Queens Mind for sharing!)


(OMG! I can't even type right now! I had to even spell check, which I never do.)

ARC-The Big Game of Everything by Chris Lynch

Loving your family is hard, but when your parents are hippies, your younger brother is an animal, your sister is a bossy know-it-all, and your grandfather has about half of his original marbles, it makes it especially hard to love your family...especially if you're Jock. The Big Game of Everything follows Jock as he spends the summer working with his family at his grandfather's golf complex, and all of the surprising and crazy things that happen to them.

I had so much fun reading this novel. I read most of it last night and I just finished it up today. It's such a humorous and crazy fun book to read. My favorite character is Egon, who is Jock's younger brother by a year. He's incredibly funny and so different. Everybody in the family of Dingleberries (You'll have to read the book) is so uniquely made and way different.

The entire story is about Jock, Egon, and sometimes their just graduated from High School sister, Meredith, working at the Grampus' Golf Complex. Grampus is another one of my favorite characters. Actually I think all the characters, Leonard, Peach, Grammus. There all incredibly amazing and goofy characters. The whole atmosphere of the story is hilarious. Oh, the joy of a family of loving freaks. It's the kind of think that you just can't not laugh out loud at.

Chris Lynch provides the right amount of humor and sad emotions in this silly and lovable novel that you can't miss out on. He doesn't necessarily give much descriptions of the what the characters look like and the way the complex is, it just there. But that's okay, because the dialogue is the famous part of this novel. Don't miss out on this novel.

This book will be released for Harper Collins Publishers September 2nd, 2008.

(Reviewed for the Harperteen First Look Program.)


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Teen Tuesday: First Edition!

Hey Everybody!

This is my first ever Teen Tuesday and I am so psyched about it!

Now where to start? Well, I've read a lot of new books this past week:

1) Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
2) Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson
3) Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning
4) Stay With Me by Garret Freymann-Weyr
5) Swimming With The Sharks by Debbie Reed Fischer
6) Chloe Doe by Suzanne Phillips

(All of my reviews for the above books are already posted.)

This is what I like best about the books above:
Best Character: Audrey Cuttler in Audrey, Wait! and Molly Montgomery in Guitar Girl.
Best Plot: Audrey, Wait!
Best Setting: Kiss Me Kill Me/Guitar Girl---Tie.
Best Writing: Swimming with the Sharks.

Winning Books: Audrey, Wait! and Guitar Girl.

Audrey, Wait! Is such an amazing book. Guitar Girl is probably my favorite book written by a British author. Amazing books.

Now for the books I plan on reading this week. I have got to read The Big Game of Everything by Chris Lynch soon. I'm only, like, eighteen pages into the book. It's from the First Look program. It's good but a bit confusing so far but I'm going to have to get more into it by tomorrow when I pick up the books I have in the library, which are: Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs, Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn, How Not To Be Popular and Alpha Dog by Jennifer Ziegler, Read My Lips by Teri Brown, Saving Zoe by Alyson Noël and House of Dance by Beth Kephart. I am WAY excited to read these books. Not to mention I still have books on my bookshelf to be read. But if I don't get more into the Lynch book then I think I might have read Oh. My. Gods. instead, because I REALLY want to read Oh. My. Gods. Really badly.

Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn! BREAKING DAWN!!! 3 more days. 3 more days! 3 MORE DAYS!!! I wish I had pre-ordered Breaking Dawn, but I didn't so I have to go and get up early, get dressed, go out to K-Mart (the closest, and only, place within at least 2 hours of my town to get books.) and buy the book then I have to take the drive back and then I can start reading BREAKING DAWN!!!! But, oh, well, I am SUPER excited just to even read the book. Of course, my parents don't understand how big this book is to me, so I'll probably have to ride the bike the few miles to K-Mart to get the book but whatever. Hopefully it'll rain. Hehe :p! Saturday!

Well, I think that's it. Until next week,


Monday, July 28, 2008

Quick-y Interview: Sara Zarr

Sara Zarr is the author Story of a Girl ans Sweethearts. Which I both adored. Story of a Girl was a 2007 National Book Award Finalist. To read my review of Sweethearts: click HERE. Sara Zarr was even in the Class of 2k7. So, please welcome the fabulous Sara Zarr with a Quick-y Interview!

1) How did you come up with the plots for your books, Story Of A Girl and Sweethearts?

Story of a Girl started with this character – Deanna – who I'd written about as a side character in another (unpublished) book. The development of the plot of Story of a Girl was all about Deanna and exploring who she was, and what had happened in her life to make her both tough and vulnerable. Sweethearts also started with characters – who happened to be me and my childhood friend, Mark. I started to ask a bunch of "what if" questions about our friendship…what if we'd been friends in high school, what if we'd been through something together that tied us together for life…and developed the story around that.

2) What do you generally write about, what we'll probably always see, in your books?

Family relationships, outsiders, the struggle to find identity and acceptance---from self and from others.

3) Three must have books if you were stranded on a deserted island?

I'm terrible at these kinds of questions. I can never choose! Okay, how about something by David Sedaris to make me laugh, The Secret Garden to make me cry, and the Book of Psalms to comfort me.

4) Are you currently working on another book? Can you tell us what it's about?

Yes, I am! The main character, Sam, is the daughter of a pastor and lives in a small town. When a young girl in the congregation goes missing, it's the sort of landmark event that brings everything in Sam's life to a point of either falling apart or coming together. It doesn't have a title yet, but it should be out either next fall, or the following spring.


Thanks for stopping by Sara!!! Your new book sounds awesome. I can't wait to read it. Be sure to keep you eyes out for her new book this next fall or the following spring.


Chloe Doe by Suzanne Phillips

Chloe Doe chronicles a 17-year-old girl's tumultuous path to becoming a prostitute and her ultimate transformation back into mainstream society. During her therapy at Madeline Parker Institute for Girls, Chloe slowly reveals aspects of her painful past--the stepfather who abused her sister, the mother who let it all happen, the need to love and be loved--and faces the future she finally decides to build for herself.

I liked this book. It was moving. Chloe Doe recalls what made her the way she is and how it happened. The book was a bit confusing. In the beginning you didn't know whether it was in the present or the past. I was very intrigued by Chloe. She has been through a lot. Being on the streets since she was eleven/twelve. Living in a foster home at twelve. Prostituting at age thirteen. Chloe shows you how harsh a world is, and the people who make it harsh. Like her step-father.

Suzanne Phillips is a great and very different writer. Her writing is completely different then I usually read. Her writing is cynical and abrasive. Harsh but very and much true. But often confusing. But in the end you understand the epic novel. Chloe is an amazing character I haven't read about before. This is a book I very much recommend.

Suzanne Phillips new book, Burn, will be released November 1st, 2008 in the United States and sometime in November for the United Kingdom. Here's the synopsis for Burn:

"Are our schools safe?" It's hard to turn on the news without hearing this question, and the answer is typically "no." This novel explores what happens when bullying escalates to violence, and it challenges our definition of victimization.

With thought-provoking prose, Suzanne Phillips explores the psyche of Cameron, a bullied freshman who ultimately does the unthinkable: he kills another student. As she did with Chloe Doe, Suzanne has found a way to make this seemingly dark story ultimately redemptive. But she also dares readers to look at the behavior that provokes violence as having the potential to be as dangerous as the violence itself.

It's Suzanne's hope that Burn will inspire readers to take a precautionary stance against bullying rather than waiting to react to it.

Look for it this November!


Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hey Everybody!

Blogger has been a bit crazy lately. I've been having trouble posting correctly and some blog readers of mine are having trouble reading my blog. If anyone knows where I can get an email address to contact the people who work with blogger, that with help a bunch! I just want my blog to be working properly again.



ARC-Swimming With The Sharks by Debbie Reed Fischer

Meet Peyton Grady: self-declared president of The Neverhadaboyfriend Club, six feet tall, “freckled and flat as a skateboard,” on financial aid, with only her best friend Maya to rely on. Until now, she hasn’t exactly been the poster child for popularity at her posh private high school, Beachwood Prep. But everything is about to change, because this year, Peyton has a coveted spot on the varsity cheerleading squad. Now she’ll finally have a shot at the life she’s always wanted, complete with membership in the Alpha Clique, the boyfriend of her dreams, and “no more standing on the social sidelines.” But treasured goals never come easy. When the principal, Dr. Johnson, appoints new student Ellika Garret, a “squatty stump of a girl” with zero athletic ability as the squad’s newest member, things get complicated. Peyton and the rest of the squad are outraged that this girl has been forced upon them, simply because her parents donated millions for a new athletic facility. But none are more furious than the queen fly girl herself, charismatic and powerful squad captain, Lexie Court. Ordering Peyton and her team mates to “take initiation rituals to the next level,” Lexie hatches Operation Smellika, a bullying campaign to drive Ellika out. “Do whatever it takes,” she tells them. “It’s for the good of the squad.” Peyton knows it’s wrong. Horrible, even. She feels sorry for Ellika. But in the end, Peyton participates along with the others. Torn by her conscience, yet seduced by the chance to have everything she wants, she gets further and further involved in Lexie’s sick hazing plan. Until it goes too far. Peyton knows she has to stop Lexie. But How?

The events in this novel just makes me sick to my stomach, it's just so horrible. But, the book was extremely good. In the beginning, the book really isn't that harsh. But when Operation Smellika starts up. I hate it. Lexie, Peyton, and the rest of the girls on the squad are people you will hate. At first you'll just dislike Ellika, I mean she really is annoying. But Lexie, Peyton, and the squad do some much horrible stuff you'll get so frustrated with the book, you get as annoyed as Ellika herself is. The problems are huge. We deal with Peyton and her trying to get to the top after trying and making Varsity cheerleading. You'll like Peyton, Peyton is the good girl but she gets so over the top with trying to be best buds with the prettiest girl in school, Lexie, you start hating her. (I just have a feeling this above paragraph doesn't make sense, tell me in a comment if it doesn't. Thanks.)

The bullying happens everyday and this book shows how far it just happens to get sometimes. I like that. Overall the book is brilliant. The ending was scintillating. I loved the book in the end. It was just hard to finish reading it, but I'm really happy I did. Debbie Reed Fischer is an excellent writing. She's going to be a huge Young Adult Fiction writer in the future. I can't wait to read her first book, Braless in Wonderland which came out this past April. Best of all, Debbie is part of the Class of 2k8! Congratulations on you success, Debbie!

Can I say how much I love the title? Swimming with the Sharks is a perfect title. I *heart* it!

Swimming with the Sharks by Debbie Reed Fischer is on sale September of '08. Published by Flux Publications.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Stay With Me by Garret Freymann-Weyr

Sixteen-year-old Leila Abranel was born some twenty years after her sisters. Her elegant sisters from her father's first marriage have lives full of work, love affairs, and travel. Leila doesn't know either of them very well, but she loves hearing about them—details of Rebecca's ruined marriage, Clare's first job, and the strings of unsuitable boyfriends.

When Rebecca kills herself, Leila wants to know why. She starts by spending time with Clare and finally comes to know her as a person instead of a story. With Clare's reluctant help, Leila tracks down Rebecca's favorite places and tries to find her sister's friends. Along the way, Leila meets Eamon. Eamon is thirty-one and writes for television. He thinks Leila is beautiful and smart, but he does not, he tells her, date teenagers. And yet, the months go by and Leila turns seventeen and learns that you can love someone you are not dating.

Maybe letting Eamon love her back is a mistake. Maybe she'll never know why Rebecca did what she did. Maybe, Leila, decides, most people have a hard time figuring out which way is left or knowing when to let go and when to stay.

This extraordinary novel was such a smooth read. Nothing really big happens besides Rebecca's death and the writing is just so slick. I don't even know if that makes sense. But the writing is just really superb. It's not rushed or too long. It's just right for what happens in the novel. All though I felt the ending was pretty bad. It was a bit confusing and I had to read it twice. I don't think its very satisfactory. Rebecca kills herself, but you really never know why. All the characters are likeable in this book.

Leila, the main character, was a very mature, believable person. I like the way she thinks and tries to find out what happens to Rebecca and then theres here relationship with Eamon. All though it's odd and uncomforting, I felt they were really good together and likeable people. Leila's parents really don't act like parents to a seventeen year old girl who befirends a thirty-one year old guy really would act. It was strange.

Even though the writing was really excellent, I felt it wasn't for the right timeframe. Otherwise this is a really great book I would check out at your local library. The book was a really easy book to read and it follows nicely. I would recommend it.

Her newest novel, After The Moment, is scheduled to release April of '09. Look for it in your local bookstores.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Did You Read It: Twilight Quiz

I have just became aware that there has been a Twilight quiz made from the MTV Movies Blog on the July 22 version of Twilight Tuesday. I thought it was a pretty good quiz. I admit, I did get two questions wrong, but I have to say, they were hard! Those two questions. So I would like to know what you got for a score. Oh and remember: Only 8 Days Left Until The Breaking Dawn Release!

Click HERE for the quiz.



Hey everybody!

I have gotten an email from a fellow blogger and blog reader of mine that says my blog get's cut off after my review of Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess. And you can't read anything on my sidebar. I would like to know if anybody else if having this problem with my blog. Because I checked and it's working fine for me. I just want to be aware so I could tell the people who work with blogger about this to get it fixed. My email is on the sidebar but I guess if you can't see it, it's kels(dot)m(dot)17(at)gmail(dot)com /



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Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning

Seventeen-year-old Molly Montgomery never planned on becoming famous. Starting a band with her best mates, Jane and Tara, was just a way to have some fun. But when the group is joined by charismatic bad-boy Dean, things onstage-and backstage-start happening, fast. Their band, The Hormones, is front-page news, and their debut album is rocketing up the charts.

Molly is the force behind the band-a superstar diva-but the hazards of fame, first love, screaming fans, and sleazy managers are forcing the newly crowned teen queen of grrrl angst close to the edge. Fame never comes for free, and Molly's about to find out what it costs.

I had a lot of fun reading this novel. Everybody wants to be a rock star once in there lives, right? This book shows you that it's not the best thing in the world. Molly is really just a normal teen girl barely eighteen. I loved all the characters created in this novel. It was highly enjoyable. With the scandals and touring and rows (as a British person would say); it's just a great read.

Sarra Manning is, after reading Let's Get Lost and Guitar Girl, my favorite British author. And maybe close to the top of my favorite authors of all. She writes with cleverness and there is always a small but also huge problem in the two books I've read of hers that make it even more good. (But you have to read to find out what they are...)

I would hugely recommend Miss Sarra Manning's books, without a doubt. It's a great book that every body should read. Along with the other book I've read of Sarra's, Let's Get Lost. I can't wait to get my hands on her other books.


Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson

When 16-year-old Scarlett Wakefield transfers from St. Tabby’s to Wakefield Hall Collegiate, she is relieved that no one knows her dark, haunting secret. A few months ago, Scarlett was invited to an elite party with a guest list full of the hottest names in British society, including Dan McAndrew. Before the party, Scarlett had only imagined what it would be like to have her first kiss with Dan, but on the penthouse terrace, Dan leaned in close and she no longer had to wonder. Their kiss was beautiful and perfect and magical, and then . . . Dan McAndrew took his last breath as she held him in her arms. No one knows how or why Dan died, and everyone at St. Tabby’s believes Scarlett had something to do with it. But now that she’s safely hidden away at Wakefield Hall, Scarlett would rather forget that it ever happened. Only she can’t. Especially when she receives an anonymous note that will set her on the path to clearing her name and finding out what really happened to the first and last boy she kissed.

A perfectly charming beginning to a series. This is my first book written by Lauren Henderson that I've read and I loved it. It has mystery, love, and adventure. I also loved the format of the book in two sections: A.D. and B.D. Her writing is full of suspense. I couldn't put this book down. I loved the England back drop. The scenery Henderson described was beautiful.

I loved that Scarlett did gymnastics. The description in some of the parts of the book she uses was really good and impressive. The part of the story where Dan dies is so crafted. And when Scarlett goes on the hunt to find out what truly happened that night, well, the mystery in this novel is hard to guess, very unpredictable. Only a true genius at writing mystery could be that good.

And don't you just love the cover art? It's beautiful. I can't wait for the next book, Kisses and Lies, out January 2009.

Here's the synopsis for Kisses and Lies:

After discovering that someone saw what looked like Dan's emergency EpiPen in A-lister Plum's designer handbag, Scarlett and her tough American sidekick, Taylor, sneak into a posh London nightclub, where Plum has a private table. Scarlett is stunned to discover a piece of evidence that might implicate another girl in Plum's exclusive circle, Lucy Raleigh. Which means Scarlett must cast a wider net in order to catch the right suspect.

Back at school, groundskeeper Jase is hoping to take Scarlett's mind off her troubles with some heart-stopping kisses. Scarlett can't help but feel guilty for indulging in romantic rendezvous when she should be hunting down Dan's killer. However, once Scarlett finds out how Lucy is connected to Dan, she knows she must drop everything and travel to the McAndrew estate in Scotland to hunt for more clues. But when she arrives, Scarlett becomes the target of a dangerous hunt herself.


Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

California high school student Audrey Cuttler dumps self-involved Evan, the lead singer of a little band called The Do-Gooders. Evan writes, "Audrey, Wait!," a break-up song that's so good it rockets up the billboard charts. And Audrey is suddenly famous!

Now rabid fans are invading her school. People is running articles about her arm-warmers. The lead singer of the Lolitas wants her as his muse. (And the Internet is documenting her every move!) Audrey can't hang out with her best friend or get with her new crush without being mobbed by fans and paparazzi.

Take a wild ride with Audrey as she makes headlines, has outrageous amounts of fun, confronts her ex on MTV, and gets the chance to show the world who she really is.

Audrey Cuttler was a perfectly outrageous heroine for a story like this one. She's a crazy fun personality that you just have to love. Audrey, Wait! starts out with her break-up with Evan, and throughout the novel you see her transform from a regular teenager who has a best-friend and loves listening to music loud to a popular just-trying-to-have-a-private-life teenager who wishes she were normal again. It's an awesome ride that you can't miss.

Robin Benway is a great new voice in YA fiction that you will have to keep an eye on. Her writing is young and fresh, everything you want and expect in a YA book. Robin's characters are so quirky and fun that, in my opinion are the best part of her novel. I loved the setting of L.A..

I would recommend this hilarious novel to anyone. It's a nice summer read. I can't wait to find out what Robin Benway will come up next.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess

Meredith was promised nine years of safety, but they only gave her three.

Her father, who was sent to prison for sexually abusing Meredith and other children in their small town, has been released on good behavior. He was supposed to be locked up until Meredith's eighteenth birthday, when she could legally be free of both her abusive father and her delusional mother who dwells on a fantasy that the three of them will be a happy family once more.

But Meredith is only fifteen, and her father is out of prison...and her mother is bringing him home. And Meredith won't let him hurt her, or anyone else, ever again. No matter what the cost.

The first page caught me in and kept me reading. The writing was fabulous. The plot was amazingly sad, but great. I could not put this books down. Meredith seems so much older then she really is in the story. The book was short but it was still an amazing story. The characters Wiess crafted was probably the downside of the novel. They weren't really well done. I don't feel like they had enough emotion in them. But other then that the novel was great.

I loved how she held together Meredith's father and mother. They are such different characters. I loved how she made Andy paralyzed. Laura's writing was great. I would definitely recommend reading this book to anyone.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

Frankie Landau-Banks at age 14:Debate Club.Her father’s “bunny rabbit.” A mildly geeky girl attending a highly competitive boarding school.

Frankie Landau-Banks at age 15: A knockout figure. A sharp tongue. A chip on her shoulder. And a gorgeous new senior boyfriend: the supremely goofy, word-obsessed Matthew Livingston.

Frankie Laundau-Banks. No longer the kind of girl to take “no” for an answer. Especially when “no” means she’s excluded from her boyfriend’s all-male secret society. Not when her ex boyfriend shows up in the strangest of places. Not when she knows she’s smarter than any of them. When she knows Matthew’s lying to her. And when there are so many, many pranks to be done.

Frankie Landau-Banks, at age 16:
Possibly a criminal mastermind. This is the story of how she got that way.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Frankie was an awesome character. A very smart and captivating character with a ton of wit along with the smarts. Her mind is so unique and interesting. The way Frankie thinks and does is so exuberant. I mean who doesn't want to read through the eyes of a mischievous teenager with the mind of a criminal mastermind? The pranks were unguessable and awesome. The storyline was notorious.

E. Lockhart scores on this memorable novel. Lockhart created a vivacious novel to be read for years to come. Her writing is clever and innovative. YA Fiction readers will appreciate it. It was very unpredictable and a fun, mysterious read. I highly enjoyed this novel. I plan on reading E. Lockhart's other books soon.


Friday, July 18, 2008

OMG! New Twilight Trailer!!! *Quick Note Also*

Amazing right?


Okay, I know I haven't had a review on here since June but I've read a few books and I hope I can do the few reviews before the end of this upcoming weekend. Look forward to The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, Such a Pretty Girl, Audrey, Wait!, and soon to be read She's So Money and Kiss Me, Kill Me. Sorry and thanks!