Monday, September 1, 2008

Peeled by Joan Bauer

There is so much coming at ace reporter Hildy Biddle that she's not sure what's true anymore. The big story in town is that a ghost is on the loose and plenty of people are scared. It doesn't help that the local newspaper is running frightening headlines.

Hildy is the kind of reporter who is determined to stick to the facts. That is only way she can find out who or what is really threatening her town. But what are the rules of good journalism, anyway? Does the truth have a chance of being heard over all the buzz?

What a nice, calm read. Hildy was a very nice character and very realistic. I liked how she thought. The whole storyline is much like Joan Bauer: not your typical teen read. This is a ghost story through the eyes of a teen reporter while she's reporting the story. The whole idea is very different, but very likable. Everything about this novel is likable. I had no idea where this story was heading but the way it turned out was awesome and I liked the overall novel. But the story was not really that exciting and it's taking me awhile to really get through the novel, because, honestly, it was kind of boring.

But on the bright side, the characters were awesome, I loved that there was a tiny, itty bit of a love story going on. The writing was very nicely done, as her other books are. Joan Bauer is a very calm and realistic writing that is always nice to read because her writing and her novels are very light reads with not much depth to them. But, yes the writing was good and the story was nice, but it's not a "WOW" book. But if you happen to see it at the library and feel like reading lightly over a few days, this is your book.


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  1. I like the journalism aspect of this so I will be on the lookout for it.


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