Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Harmless by Dana Reinhardt

There was a man. He had a knife. He attacked us down by the river. It was just a harmless little lie. Anna, Emma and Mariah concoct a story about why they're late getting home one night—a story that will replace their parents' anger with concern. They just have to stand by it. No matter what. Suddenly the police are involved, and the town demands that someone be punished. And then there is the man who is arrested and accused of a crime that never happened.

This novel was pretty realistic. I whole way things went down. I could believe that happening. But I can't really believe that the girls who had created the lie would actually think that it would just pass. Anna is the invisible girl nobody notices and it very smart. Emma is the shadow of a popular older brother and just wants to be known and Mariah is the girl who didn't have anything but now does and doesn't know what to do with it. These girls are fourteen-fifteen years old and they are very mature for there age. I couldn't imagine these girls creating a lie like they did and not knowing what would happen. But with all the stuff that went down after it ended not considering that they were too mature to tell a lie like this, after the lie was told, everything was completely believable. How Anna, Emma, and Mariah changed and how it all went down, it was very realistic for there characters.

I think the best part of the novel was how it ended. I thought it was a perfect ending to a pretty good novel. The reality of it was true and I just loved how each of the characters role in it ending like it did. But I did think that the low part of the novel was the beginning. It was very slow and it took awhile to get into the book. Harmless is a really good book that I would recommend, but I wouldn't tell you to put it on the top of your To Be Read pile. But overall, I'm still really excited to read the one other book of her's I haven't read, How To Build A House.


  1. This sounds good.

    Have you read Salem Falls by Jodi Piccoult? It has a similar plot.

  2. ooh, i wanted to read this cuz it sounded so interesting. but i probably wont buy it (besides the fact that i have no money and my library has it anyway!)

  3. I wish I would've liked this book more than I did.



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