Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teen Tuesday: Sixth Edition!

Yes, I start school today, well technically tomorrow since I'm writing this on Monday and scheduling it for today, but whatever. Okay, now I'm going to shock myself and tell you that I've only read TWO books this week! Yes! Two books! That's kinda low for me, huh? And the last one I had just finished today, well, yesterday! Well, anyhow, the books are:

  1. Gone by Michael Grant
  2. Peeled by Joan Bauer
I have a pretty good feeling who's going to win the awards. Now, time for *me speaking in an announcer voice* The Little Bestie Awards:

  • Best Character: Hildy Biddle from Peeled by Joan Bauer
  • Best Plot: Gone by Michael Grant
  • Best Setting: Gone by Michael Grant
  • Best Writing: Peeled by Joan Bauer
Winning Book(s): Gone by Michael Grant and Peeled by Joan Bauer.

Okay, here's me shocked for the second time today, well, yesterday. *Shocked* I kind of thought that Gone would win by a landslide, but apparently not, if I really thought about it. Gone by Michael Grant, didn't really have one main character, just a ton of them, and I really liked Hildy's confidence and attitude. Gone had the best plot by far. It was close for the setting, but since Gone was at a beach and Hildy was at a town full of apple's with a ghost in town, I went with Gone. The only thing Peeled won for Best Writing is because Grant used third person, which I'm not a fan of, as you probably know by now, and Bauer didn't so that's the only reason, but really I think Gone is a much, much, much better story overall and would recommend that story, whereas with Peeled I wouldn't necessarily recommend but if you happen to come across it in the library, I'd say pick it up.

This next week I plan to read Where People Like Us Live and maybe hopefully I'll get Sleepless, or Invisible Touch or Fabulous Terrible in the mail and read that, because I doubt I'll be able to read Shrimp and Cupcake before I have to return them to the library. But hopefully I'll also be able to find Pretty Things by Sarra Manning at my school library this week and get that to read soon.

Ohh, I just checked the books at the library that I requested and noticed that I not only have Where People Like Us Live by Patricia Cumbie but also Harmless by Dana Reinhardt! Yeah, Now I'll have those to read also! I just have to get to the library now. Before they go and send the books off again, hopefully tomorrow because, obviously today is Labor Day, well, yesterday was. Oh, and I'm getting In Your Room by Jordanna Frailsberg sometime soon too.

But, yeah, that's about it. Don't forget to enter my hundreth post contest! It ends this Friday!


  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to leave a random comment...! :)
    Well, first of all I want to say that I think your blog is awesome and I truly enjoy reading you're reviews...

    So.. since I'm writing a comment might as well give a suggestion if you care to read it.. Well..I recommend you to read Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn by Sarah Miller... this is a very funny book but also quite offending... Oh!Also,I'm thinking of another book!:) It's called Someday this Pain Would be Useful to you by Peter Cameron. I thought this book was just awesome! You should definitely read it... well if you want :) I just think it would be great to see what you think about these! (Well, I kind of hope you haven't read those already...)
    So that's pretty much it!
    :) Bye!

  2. Thanks Mae! I haven't read those books, but they look really good and I think I have the second one at my library, so I'll have to check it out and the first book you mentioned sounds awesome and funny. I put it on my list to read. Thanks for coming by my blog, I appreciate it!


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