Monday, September 1, 2008

School Tomorrow

So school is starting tomorrow and I won't be able to do much reading and being online, so I might just start reading the books I do in the week and then writing the reviews on the weekend but scheduling them to go up during the week. But you might not see me for the first week as I have nothing planned, so just hang tight. I'll still be blogging, just not as much as I did in August, with 40 posts. But I still plan to read and review and keep up in the reading world, just not as much on the weekdays. But you still might see me for the next two weeks, but I'm pretty sure not beyond that during the week. I am a TV-aholic and I am very excited for most of my shows coming back for the new seasons in two weeks or so. I'm kind of sad to say this, but if you really want to know how many shows my family and I watch, well we record most of them with are Dish DVR but still, I think it's around nineteen nowadays, and I think we're only adding one new show this year. So yes, I love reading, writing, and watching TV and watching movies, but, hey, that's me. Anybody excited for the new season's of your favorite shows? What's your favorite? I'd have to say my top three consist of Heroes, House, and Supernatural. But I don't know which order they're tied in the top one place, hehe.


  1. Whoa, that's a lot of shows.

    I never get into shows, but I'm trying this year. I'm really excited for 90210... I guess its because Shanae Grimes from Degrassi is in it and I love how she acts. But the storyline seems really good so that's what I'm hoping for.

    Anyway, good luck @ school tomorrow!


  2. Ahh school starts for me in Wednesday luckily. But I'm still sad about going back especially, because I have no free period! :(

    I started watching Kyle XY last year, so I hope to catch some episodes. But I doubt I will be able to. But I think I'll be able to see it on ABC family's website, so that's good.

    Btw thanks for the comment on my blog post. I think your idea is great about preparing things over the weekend and then posting them up on weekdays. I might do that but let's see how it goes the first day of school.

    And GOOD LUCK at school!

  3. Thanks! I really want to watch 90210 because Rob Thomas is working on it and he did Veronica Mars so I basically love him, well, his stuff. But I won't be able to because I'm already watching something at the time, I swear we have a schedule and there are like no spots open besides sunday friday and saturday. lol. I told you I'm a tv fanatic. Okay, got to go to bed. School in a few hours!


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