Monday, September 29, 2008

1st Annual Young Adult Book Awards!

Okay this is SO awesome. The very awesome Hope from Hope's Bookshelf has created the 1st Annual Young Adult Book Awards!

Is this not awesome? (I know, too many uses of 'awesome'. But, heck, this is AWESOME!)

So anyway, It's starts, from yesterday, September 28th 2008, through January 1st 2009. Yes that's a long time, but most of the time is for nominations of a TON of awards, and then the voting will be in December, and the winners will be announced on New Years! Awesome (I know, I know.) right?

So I afford to help Hope out with some stuff and I made a button (the one above)! I wanted it cute and fun, yet simple. I'll probably make some more, but so far there's one, so put in on your blog and get the word out!

You can just tell. This will be awesome!

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