Monday, September 15, 2008

Where People Like Us Live by Patricia Cumbie

It's a routine Libby's used to by now: pack up, move, start over, repeat. This time it's to Rubberville—population: faces, names, a few factories, and Angie, a girl who nearly-but-not-quite gets Libby killed the first day they meet. Angie is everything Libby wishes she were: outspoken, fearless, and happy to risk it all to have a little fun. But one day Libby learns that behind Angie's attitude is a frightening secret. Libby faces an impossible choice: Does she protect her friendship or her friend?

I was incredibly disappointed with this book. The reviews I've read said it was a impossible to put down, very deep, and powerful debut novel. In my opinion, this was a very boring book. I almost didn't finish it. The plot is so boring, it didn't go anywhere and I felt like it kept repeating itself. It was very slow, and it only got to the real problem almost more then halfway through the book.

Yes, the writing was really well, but the whole plot/storyline and the characters disappoint the book. I harly understood what happened in the first chapter and then nothing seemed to happen until Libby saw Angie and Kevin together, and then, with that situation, it didn't seem to real, it didn't seem powerful enough. It wasn't deep enough as it should of been. I was highly disappointed and I would discourage recommendations for this book. But if you have nothing else to read, and see it at the library, I would pick it up, it's a short read.


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