Sunday, September 7, 2008

Contest Winner!

Okay, I'm sorry this is late but I have a very good excuse: I was extremely sick yesterday and spent it puking my guts out. A very bad case of the stomach flu. But anhow, I'm here now and I have a winner. My mom really wanted to pick a winner to that will be her hand in the picture below. What I did is I printed out a list of the names with all the entries in a crystal dish and then my mom picked out the winner.

The entries in the dish:

See all the entrees? I had 138 entries and about 40 participants. And it came down to one winner.

Contest Winner:

Congratulations Lenore for winning my contest! You have a choice of one book out of the six books I'm offering. I will email you and then you have until Wednesday night to respond with your book choice and address so I can get the book out to you.

Sorry to everyone else! But I promise, I will be having a huge Halloween/Birthday contest coming up in the middle of October. So look out for that!


  1. I'm sorry you were sick Kelsey. Feel better.

    Congrats Lenore!!

    Yay for a big contest! :)



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