Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dream Factory by Brad Barkley & Heather Hepler

Title: Dream Factory
Authors: Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler
Publisher: Dutton Books
Reading Level: Young Adult
Rating: 5/5

Summary (B&N):
When the character actors at Disney World go on strike, the teens hired as replacements learn that it isn't exactly the Happiest Place on Earth. Ella gets to be Cinderella, simply because the shoe fits. It should be a dream come true, but Ella no longer believes in dreams. Luke is a fur character, Dale the chipmunk. Chip is played by his girlfriend, Cassie, who is perfect in every way. Why, then, does Luke find himself more drawn to imperfect things like the theme park's Phantom? A team-building scavenger hunt brings Luke and Ella together. As they uncover the Magic Kingdom's treasures, they discover an undeniable magic between them.

Once again, Barkley and Hepler bring a calm, cute love story to the table. Through alternating chapters of Ella and Luke the story unravels. I first discovered this awesome duo of Barkley and Hepler this last June when I read Scrambled Eggs at Midnight, and you can see from my review, that I fell in love with it. Now, once again, here I am completely in love with their charming stories.

Dream Factory focuses on Ella and Luke, both of them destined to be together, both of them with a boyfriend (Ella) and girlfriend (Luke), so how does this work out? I started reading this one night, and the next thing I knew I was tired and it was late and I was more then half way done with the book in four hours. I got sucked up into Luke and Ella's story and I didn't stop until I was done.

Ella and Luke are a lot alike, which is strange when they were written by too different people. But having them alike is so different, nowadays, every love story has the good girl falls for the bad guy , etc. So, this one was very engaging to read about and a very delightful change. Hepler and Barkley are amazing writes that have a soft edge in the writing. Their combination of writing offers a striking and endearing romance story that is charismatic and unforgettable. This is a book you shouldn't miss out on.


  1. This sounds like a really cute book!

  2. I've been wanting to read Scrambled Eggs at Midnight, but instead my friend is reading at my request. I'll definately have to check out Dream Factory.

    Great review!

  3. I absolutely love the stunning stories brad and heather have to offer... I may be young but i have a lot of interesting thoughts no one i know undertands...When i read these books i love the crazy thoughts going through there heads and mine! It's like having a conversation with someone who is a really good listener :P I just hope they'll keep writing together!!!

  4. I've read this book... and I loved it!!!

  5. I just finished Dream Factory and Personally loved it, it's a very cute love story

  6. Living so close to Disney, I had always wondered what would happen if the characters went on strike. Would the park close down or would the powers-that-be make it look like Disney was the still the "happiest place on earth?" I think it would be kind of fun to step into the role of a Disney character for just a little while.

  7. I got the book now and it is a very good book to read, I'm hoping to read more of her book..


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