Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Blog Ways

I suppose this was long awaited. I should have done it a long time ago, but it's better late then never!

I love to read. That is obviously. So this will be a few guidelines of how I work my reviews and how you can send me reviews and everything else you need to know.


Let's start with my stats. As of December 2011, I have about 33,000 pageviews. I have 332 followers. I started my blog on January 21, 2008, for about two years I was running a very successful blog. On December 14, 2009, just about a month shy of my 2 year blogversary, I decided to take an indefinite break from my blog for personal reasons. On November 27, 2011, I returned to blogging. My blog was successful before and continues to be successful with each passing day.


I love to review books. LOVE to. You can email me with the email address given in the sidebar and I can get back to you really fast as I stalk gmail. I will only read Young Adult (YA) books. I will occasionally read adult or tween books, but it depends on the characters ages. Yes, I'm a little picky of what I read.

I love romance, any kind. First love, gay/lesbian, affairs. I love any kind. Now, I could name all the types of books I like, but it would be easier to name the types of books I don't like. Which is fantasy, I don't like fantasy at all. Now here's where the confusing part comes in. I don't like Fantasy, but I love paranormal. If you don't know the difference or aren't sure, contact me and I'll let you know. :) I am also not such a big fan of historical fiction.

As of right now, I accept review copies. I don't like self-published books, sorry. I will take books that are from a large publisher or small. I will not accept e-books though, sorry! My vision is already poor.

This is important: I cannot guarantee a review. There are some books I just get bored with so I don't see the need to keep going unless other reviewers say it's worth it. Or other stuff that I just can't get through. At other the year and one month I've been doing my blog, it's only happened once. I tried really hard to get through it too.

If this still works for you email me with the email address given in the sidebar! I will get back to you soon enough!

Interviews or Guest Blogs or On The Outside:

I love to speak with authors! I will gladly do an interview/guestblog or my OTO feature with one.

Interviewing: For interviews I require that I have read the book. If you want to offer a copy for me to review to do an interview, that would be awesome.

Guest Blogs: I love having authors do guest blogs. If you contact me wanting to do a interview and I haven't read your book or you don't have a review copy to give me, then you for sure can do a guest blog! I have no problem with that. Though you might need to come up with the topic of it on your own as I don't have a great imagination for that. :)

On The Outside: OTO is a feature I've been doing for a few months. I post these every Monday unless there is a holiday. OTO is a feature where authors talk about the outside of their books. Like how the cover and/or title came to be, what they think of it, or whatever! I have a schedule for this so you might not get a spot that works for the release of your book if you have one, but I try to schedule them closes to any important dates you have.


I will gladly hold a contest for you! Whether its a signed book, or a gift, or anything else. I'll need to know the exact prize, the mailing restrictions, and if you have a preference for the time the contest is. Just email me!

Link Exchange:

Fellow YA book reviewing bloggers or authors with blogs, you you want your link on my blog leave a email or a comment and I'll get it done!

Hope this helps!



  1. I love this. I also want people to give me an opinion. I need it!
    I smile a lot also with that of "people who love me", very original!

  2. i have a question - how do you know how many google reader subscribers you have? I didn't know there was a way to track it.

  3. i like your new blog page, even more than the last blog change.

  4. FYI, most (if not all) of your "followers" are also counted as google reader subscribers. So you can't add those 2 things together because it is double-counting. When you sign up to follow a blog (and you use a gmail account), that blog is automatically added to your google reader, even if you never use the reader. The feed reader subscribers will always be higher than your followers because you can add blogs to your google reader without clicking to become a "follower". If you really had 286 people receiving your blog every time you post, then your daily visits should be MUCH higher. It's similar to the distinction between page VISITS and page VIEWS. A visit is a unique visitor and will be counted once. But if that person looks at your page 3 time in day, then they will be counted as 3 VIEWS not VISITS.

    Congrats on the good stats! 130+ followers and even more people following privately through feed readers? That's great! Keep Blogging!

  5. I love your background. I want to make one too!! Can u show me how ?????

  6. Can you link to me pleeeasse? I just added you to my blogroll (which has been neglected far too long.)

  7. I totally get you on the not liking fantasy. For instance, I love Romance, but I can't get into Historical Romance-I just can't relate. I love Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance though, they are my addiction.

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Good? Bad? Ugly? I don't care as long as you tell me!

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