Monday, October 27, 2008

Yay! Guess What I Got Today?

Okay, I have to interrupt this moment to announce that I just got home from the library with PAPER TOWNS BY JOHN GREEN!

Yay! OMG! I started reading the prologue already and it was AH-some. I cannot WAIT to start reading it again!

So, there I was, in the library telling the kind librarian that I had a book requested from another library in the back room where they keep the requested books before the requester picks it up, so before she checks it out I tell her I'm going to look too see if there are any more books in that I want, and what do i see right away? PAPER TOWNS! So I quickly grab it up as if someone else where trying to get it but I got it first, when of course there wasn't. But anyway, today I came out of the library with Sister's of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall and Paper Towns by John Green. Am I not lucky?

But I also have a question. I thought every copy of PAPER TOWNS(!) had two covers to it? My copy from the library only had the one cover that I will show below and a big picture of John Green with some knowledge of the awards the were won by his two previous books on the back side. What's up with that?


  1. Lucky you! My library has received it, but is still processing (sigh!). But I saw the book at a bookstore this weekend, and actually, there are two different covers (not both covers on one book, unfortunately!)

  2. Lucky you, I'm dying to read it. My library is all out of copies. I'm sad. :(
    I love the yellow cover the best!

  3. The covers (2) are different because they are both very wrong assumptions of Margo the MC. You just choose which one you like better. I think that I like the yellow one better. But that's just me.

    I think that at the moment I have to pay $45 (Aus) for the book, I think that I'll wait a little while for my copy, but it's killing me

  4. I think the advance readers copies had both covers but not the actual released book. That's what i heard.

  5. Only one cover. Sadly, the 1st book store I saw it in only had blue Margo, but I couldn't stop myself from buying it right then! I like the yellow one a lot though.

  6. yeah, each book has one of the covers. i got the blue one. i really liked the story!! it was amazing :D

  7. I got the blue cover one. But urs look nice though :)


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