Sunday, October 5, 2008

YA YNot?

Everybody who subscribes to newsletter should of gotten an email yesterday from Jen Wardrip aka "The Genius". Jen has made a social network on Ning and it is called YA YNot. There are a bunch of authors there and a awesome way to communicate with them about their books. YA YNot is the Social Network for which if you haven't heard of it already, well, you must be living under a rock. is an awesome site with YA book reviews and a HUGE contest everymonth where a ton of authors participate to donate their books and with everything you need or want to know about YA books. I came across awhile ago, near when I first started my blog, and have been going back to it numerous time.

View my page on YA YNot?

So I suggest, if you haven't already, go check this site out and communicate in the discussions with everyone who loves YA books. I did. Click here for YA YNot.

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