Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Model: A Memoir by Cheryl Diamond

Title: Model: A Memoir

Author: Cheryl Diamond

Rating: 5/5

Every year, hundreds of the most beautiful people in the world come to New York to become models. At age fourteen, Cheryl Diamond was one of them. Living on her own in a run-down apartment, Cheryl spent her days on go-sees, runways, and shoots, surviving hand-to-mouth, while taking in everything she could about the tough and sleazy modeling industry. She watched other girls make mistakes, and swore she wouldn't be a victim...until a career-altering event changed her life and nearly ruined her shot at her dream. This is the riveting, true account of Cheryl's triumphant rise, disastrous fall, and phoenix-like comeback in one of the hottest and most demanding industries in the world.

I love reading memoirs. And this has to be my favorite one yet. The opening lines catches the reader in and keeps them until the story is told. I really devoured this one up quickly and I don't think I put it down unless I had too.

Cheryl Diamond is the type of model every model should be. She's a role model to the highest power, and I really respect her for the courage to get up and publish this book and show everybody what the modeling world is like. Cheryl had so many hardships, dealing with living in New York City at sixteen, alone. Having nobody to trust. Going from casting, to runways shows, to shoots. Cheryl did it all. From the highs and lows of modeling, we learn Cheryl's story from Cheryl herself.

Without being succumbed into the temptations of being a model (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, clubbing) Cheryl dives through this world at sixteen, and miraculously survives. Cheryl's writing is addicting, with her witty and snarky style. The characters all have a unique vibe, shall I say, to them. Cheryl's writing is flawed in the perfect places. I never felt bored through her story. Her writing is passionate, her characters are strong, and Cheryl is genuine. This is one book you don't want to miss.


  1. Wow. This book sounds so good. I'm not really one for memoirs, but it looks like I'll have to check this one out.

    Fantastic review!

  2. Just finished "Model." I don't usually go for these kinds of stories, but i decided to give it a try. It was amazing, and I really hope Cheryl Diamond is going to write another memoir about her experiences as a model, and if she does, I will buy it as soon as it comes out!

  3. Story of models. I didn't want to buy it. But some how i bought it home with me. Then i really like it. I'm so glad u like it too !!

  4. I have never like memoirs, but not only is she a good model but she is also a fantastic writer.
    I absolutely loved this book.
    She has a good sense of humor.

  5. i love this book! READ IT!

  6. It looks really good, and I'm getting it @ the library tonite!!!


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