Sunday, September 27, 2009

IMM Update

I thought I should update on this because I haven't posted one in three weeks. The thing is because I've only gotten three books, one of them being BALLAD by Maggie Stiefvater, I haven't read Lament, but I read Shiver and I loved it! Then I got this kind of graphic novel from scholastic that's like a how to book about dating vampires or something? I don't remember the title. Then I got a package from my grandma with a writing book in it that I'm very excited about along with some pictures that she developed that we took over my summer in California! That made me happy. But otherwise, that's it, I didn't feel the need to post a post for only one book. Sorry! Hopefully next week I'll get something!


  1. I got Ballad too, but I've read Lament...
    You have to read them... Lament was AMAZING, but I'm sure you've heard... :)

  2. never heard of this book but it looks good to read...did u get m e-mail btw?


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