Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Books of the Summer

Some people were asking, and I told you I'd give you a post. So here are the books I accumulated over the summer.

The books were put in more nicely, but I had taken them out to show a friend before the picture was taken.
I had lent out five books to a friend so I added them in. Also the book with the 'X' in it shouldn't be there. Anyway, the pile on the far right is all the ARC's I recieved. The next pile are most of the hardcovers, the pile after that, all of the paperbacks, then the pile on the far left is a pile of the bigger books, the series and the shorter hardcovers, along with the books I added.

I had rearranged the bookshelf last week so the books weren't really arranged like that, but I knew I was getting a lot of books and there wouldn't be enough room, so I put them on their side instead.
This is my bookshelf after I added all my new books in. I'm missing a few books, I lent out Twilight and New Moon to someone, and then my friend is borrowing The Snowball Effect, The Everafter, Shiver, Going Too Far, The Host, and Hate List. My other friend is borrowing Bass Ackwards and Belly Up (I think.) and my mom is reading Beautiful Creatures.

Anyway I have it all organized. The books on the white shelf are all my paperbacks. Then on the bookshelf before that the first shelf is all my hardcovers, then my ARC's, then my series and books by authors who I have a lot of their books (Sarah Dessen, Meg Cabot) are the last two shelves.
The first shelf are all my review books (I've been reading a lot of them lately.) The middle shelf are all my paperback books in my personal TBR pile. The bottom shelf are my hardcover books in my personal TBR pile (With a few of the paperbacks I couldn't fit on the middle shelf.)
I have a lot more to read now after this summer. :)


  1. That's amazing, so many books! I bought a lot this summer too, but not as many. That should last you a while! :D

  2. I love looking at pictures of peoples shelves! Good system too!

  3. My mouth is watering. You got so many cool books!

  4. So many books! Where will you find the time to read them all?

  5. Wow! You've had an awesome haul this summer.

  6. I want your books, not to mention your wall color!

  7. Wow, did you receive that giant box of books all for review?


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