Thursday, December 25, 2008

Marley and Me by John Grogan

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having an awesome Christmas! To celbrate Christmas, here is a review of the book, that is the inspiration behind the movie that is released today! Have an awesome day!

Title: Marley and Me
Author: John Grogan
Reading Level:
Publication Date:
October 2005
Pages: 305

Rating: A+
Plot - 20/20
Characters - 20/20
Writing - 20/20
Originality - 20/20 (Because it is a memoir.)
Entertainment - 10/10
Recommendation - 10/10
Total: 100/100

Is it possible for humans to discover the key to happiness through a bigger-than-life, bad-boy dog? Just ask the Grogans.

John and Jenny were just beginning their life together. They were young and in love, with not a care in the world. Then they brought home Marley, a wiggly yellow furball of a puppy. Life would never be the same.

Marley grew into a barreling, ninety-seven-pound streamroller of a Labrador retriever. He crashed through screen doors, gouged through drywall, and stole women's undergarments. Obedience school did no good -- Marley was expelled.

But just as Marley joyfully refused any limits on his behavior, his love and loyalty were boundless, too. Marley remained a model of devotion, even when his family was at its wit's end. Unconditional love, they would learn, comes in many forms.

This is my first every 100% read. Marley and Me is a must read for everyone. Marley, Marley, Marley. How can I write this review of you and give a itty bitty bit of justice at all?

Marley and Me is the story of Marley, the dog. As a dog lover, this book is extremely close to my heart. Marley is that neurotic dog at the park, the dog that is always grinning, the dog that is always happy to have a new friend, the dog that would be easily to fall in love with. Marley is that dog.

Marley and Me is really the story of a young couple who get a puppy before they start parenthood. But the puppy turns out to be more trouble then the children. This is the story of thirteen years of a dog told through the eyes of his owner, John Grogan. This is the hilarious story of the dog that changed lives, that was once believed to be the worlds worst dog, if not just as lovable. This is the story of the dog that breaks your heart to see the change from pup to adult to senior citizen to a dog that hurts from old age.

This dog, Marley, made me laugh. He made me cry, for sadness and happiness. This is the unforgettable story of Marley the dog. I could not write a review for this book as much as it deserves, so this will not be a review, more so as a post about my feelings about this extremely memorable and heart warming book.

I started reading this book awhile ago, but hadn't gotten past page one hundred because I got busy. But I desperately wanted to read it before I saw the movie, which comes out today. So I started it, and yes, it took me almost a week to read, but it was a book so excellent it overpowers many.

I cannot express my wide and tall feelings of this book for anything. Being seen through the eyes of John Grogan, who, let me tell you, is a fantastic writer, was an incredible experience. So just let me tell you these last words: Marley and Me is a book that you have to read. As you have read so far. Trust me, read it.

Marley and Me, the movie, stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston and is to be in theatres Christmas Day, my only hope is that it's not just a comedy all the way through, as we all know Owen Wilson is a fan of. I just hope they get the essence of the heart-breaking ending as it was in the book.


  1. OMG I didn't know that Marley & Me was a book!! Wow, The View forgot to mention that tidbit when Jennifer Aniston made appearance there yesterday.

    I was planning on watching this yesterday with my sister and brother but now I gotta read the book (that I never knew about) first.

    Btw, I heart Owen Wilson too. hehe :)


  2. we may go see the movie today. ahhh I wanna read the book too! Merry Christmas

  3. The movie was so cute! Of course, I've always been an Owen Wilson fan, so I had to check it out when I heard it was becoming a movie...

    ~bella aire~

  4. judging by the box office, it looks like Jennifer Aniston is giving Brad Pitt a run for his money...

  5. I saw the movie. It was so sad. Thhe dog was so funny. I was crying in the end when the dog died.


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