Thursday, December 4, 2008

I *Heart* Your Blog Award

Okay, I was nominated for this award some months ago by two people I think and I can't remember who! I'm sorry, but I love you! Thank you! Also, the award has been going around this book community and in the past two days or so and I was nominated eight times! Wow, It's just amazing, you have no idea! You guys make my day, seriously. It just makes me feel so much better after a rough day to know I have some fantastic friends on here I can come to. *tear.*

I was nominated by (besides the two or so people I can't remember!):
Maggie of Bean Bag Books
Megan of Simply Books
Lexi of Another Page Is Used (Reading Is My Life)
Kelsey of Just Blinded Book Reviews
Allie of Just Listen Book Reviews
Nadine-Stella of Starry Night
Ashley of Ashley's Bookshelf
Kristin of The Fox Reads

Thank YOU! I feel really loved right now.

Now, for the nominations:

Allie of Just Listen Book Reviews
Kristi of The Story Siren
Chelsie of Read, Read, Read
Liv of Liv's Book Review
Steph of Reviewer X
Kayla of Midnight Twilight's Book Blog
Rachael of The Book Muncher

To everybody I nominated, you know why. And to everybody else, I love you and you totally deserve it!

Thank you!


Good? Bad? Ugly? I don't care as long as you tell me!

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