Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Mail!

Today is a Happy Mail Day! Which is kind of like Christmas from the mailman, but of course it's not really from the mailman. I actually got the name from my mom who is a scrap Booker and when she and her other friend get a scrap booking kit or something they call it Happy Mail. For me it's books. Let me share with you what I got this week courtesy of the amazing Penguin. (All are linked to Amazon page):

I also got three books from on Monday:

So, yes, I think this is definitely like an early Christmas for me. Now, all the ARC's i won't post reviews for until right before, on, or after the release date, so you might not get that many reviews from me because I'll be eating these yummy things up! Also, I have already read Audrey, Wait! and have my own copy, along with Beautiful American', do you know what that might mean? Hint, hint. :)

~~~On another note, Happy Birthday Dad!!!!


  1. *gasp. I have all those on my wishlist. I hope you enjoy them even though I'm very jealous.

  2. Oooh, looks like someone got some Penguin books ;)

    I have all of those, except Audrey, Wait!, and I can NOT wait to read them!

  3. Wow, I am so jealous! You got some wonderful titles in the mail. I don't blame you for calling it Happy Mail.

    Can't wait to read the reviews!

  4. I am SUPER jealous right now!
    I thought I was having a pretty good week, but you? You are having the best week ever!!!

  5. I am so jealous of you getting Wintergirls! I want that one soooo badly.

    I already own a couple of those- I'm really excited to get to Beautiful Americans, esp. after reading that review from Au Courant where she bashed the book for having sexual content and homosexuality, which to me, makes the book worth reading even more! lol

  6. Oh, how awesome. I really want Beautiful Americans, WinterGirls, and Because I Am Furniture! You are very lucky!!!


  7. Oh wow that is definitely a happy mail day! Willow-Cannot wait for that one!!! Flygirl has a really beautiful cover! Happy to see the Wintergirls cover for the first time! Definitely want to read the Tripleshot Bettys series. LOVED Audrey, Wait! And I'm definitely excited about this hint, hint of yours!

    Happy Birthday to your dad yesterday!

  8. wow. i really envy looking at the books that u r gonna read. most of these r not even available in malaysia. i will have to order them if i want to read those books.


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