Saturday, December 6, 2008

Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag

Title: Beautiful Americans
Lucy Silag
Publisher: Penguin--Razorbill
Reading Level:
Young Adult
Publication Date:
January 8, 2009

Rating: B
Plot - 17/20
Characters - 18/20
Writing - 18/20
Originality - 16/20
Entertainment - 7/10
Recommendation - 8/10
Total: 84/100

***This book will be released January 8, 2009***

Pretty Little Liars meets My So-Called Life in this story of four American teens in Paris and the scandals that haunt each of them.

There’s rich New York girl Alex; Cali-born dancer Olivia; closeted Memphis boy Zack; and finally PJ, an elusive beauty from Vermont who’s hiding a dark past.

Studying abroad for their junior year of high school, they run wild in the Tuileries, hold clandestine parties in their host families’ luxe apartments, take over tiny crowded cafes and generally live the glamorous life.

But in the end they all must face the lies they’ve told and secrets they’ve kept when the unthinkable happens.

I think the summary I found is really bad, and I would've typed up the summary on the back of the ARC, but I have a few other reviews to right up today and wanted to save my fingers . . .

I thought this book was really good. Very enjoyable. All the characters had a mysterious past, some known, or at least half of it, others were only hinted at and hidden until the next book. The characters were very three-dimensional. See, the chapters alternate between Alex, Olivia, PJ, and Zack and a problem I had was when you saw the characters through the other characters eyes. They seemed shallow when you weren't inside their head. Alex was the rich girl, she was shallow and catty especially towards some other characters. She was spiteful and rude and her determination to get a boyfriend so many times toward this one person just got old. Olivia, PJ, and Zack were the characters that when their chapters ended, I couldn't wait to get back to them.

The writing in this book was really good. It was soft, mysterious and soothing words that had a deep meaning behind them. The setting was great and the hint of french words used throughout the novel was romantic. The ending was a tiny, itty bitty cliff-hanger for the next book coming in the fall of '09. I recommend this book. It was very enjoyable.


  1. Me= very interested in reading this book!

    Fantastic review as alwasy Kelsey!

  2. Awesome review. This is one of the upcoming books I have and, after reading your review, it's made me even MORE excited to read it!

  3. I need this book in my, right now. hahah Great review though! I'm stoked to read needs to come out fasterrrr

  4. I have this in my TBR pile and I can't wait to get to it, esp. after reading your well-thought out review (the other review I saw of this was the stupidest review ever).

  5. I hope you aren't talking about my review of this BookChic ;) (Don't worry, I know you aren't).

    Glad you liked it Kelsey!

  6. lol, you're right- I'm not. I'd actually forgotten you had reviewed it. I have such a bad memory.

  7. I REALLY WANT THIS BOOK! The cover is so beautiful, I am so jealous of you Kelsey.

    Great, wonderful, fantastic review!

  8. Love the cover! This sounds like a good book. How was the whole 'Paris' aspect of it? I love a well-depicted setting.


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