Saturday, July 26, 2008

ARC-Swimming With The Sharks by Debbie Reed Fischer

Meet Peyton Grady: self-declared president of The Neverhadaboyfriend Club, six feet tall, “freckled and flat as a skateboard,” on financial aid, with only her best friend Maya to rely on. Until now, she hasn’t exactly been the poster child for popularity at her posh private high school, Beachwood Prep. But everything is about to change, because this year, Peyton has a coveted spot on the varsity cheerleading squad. Now she’ll finally have a shot at the life she’s always wanted, complete with membership in the Alpha Clique, the boyfriend of her dreams, and “no more standing on the social sidelines.” But treasured goals never come easy. When the principal, Dr. Johnson, appoints new student Ellika Garret, a “squatty stump of a girl” with zero athletic ability as the squad’s newest member, things get complicated. Peyton and the rest of the squad are outraged that this girl has been forced upon them, simply because her parents donated millions for a new athletic facility. But none are more furious than the queen fly girl herself, charismatic and powerful squad captain, Lexie Court. Ordering Peyton and her team mates to “take initiation rituals to the next level,” Lexie hatches Operation Smellika, a bullying campaign to drive Ellika out. “Do whatever it takes,” she tells them. “It’s for the good of the squad.” Peyton knows it’s wrong. Horrible, even. She feels sorry for Ellika. But in the end, Peyton participates along with the others. Torn by her conscience, yet seduced by the chance to have everything she wants, she gets further and further involved in Lexie’s sick hazing plan. Until it goes too far. Peyton knows she has to stop Lexie. But How?

The events in this novel just makes me sick to my stomach, it's just so horrible. But, the book was extremely good. In the beginning, the book really isn't that harsh. But when Operation Smellika starts up. I hate it. Lexie, Peyton, and the rest of the girls on the squad are people you will hate. At first you'll just dislike Ellika, I mean she really is annoying. But Lexie, Peyton, and the squad do some much horrible stuff you'll get so frustrated with the book, you get as annoyed as Ellika herself is. The problems are huge. We deal with Peyton and her trying to get to the top after trying and making Varsity cheerleading. You'll like Peyton, Peyton is the good girl but she gets so over the top with trying to be best buds with the prettiest girl in school, Lexie, you start hating her. (I just have a feeling this above paragraph doesn't make sense, tell me in a comment if it doesn't. Thanks.)

The bullying happens everyday and this book shows how far it just happens to get sometimes. I like that. Overall the book is brilliant. The ending was scintillating. I loved the book in the end. It was just hard to finish reading it, but I'm really happy I did. Debbie Reed Fischer is an excellent writing. She's going to be a huge Young Adult Fiction writer in the future. I can't wait to read her first book, Braless in Wonderland which came out this past April. Best of all, Debbie is part of the Class of 2k8! Congratulations on you success, Debbie!

Can I say how much I love the title? Swimming with the Sharks is a perfect title. I *heart* it!

Swimming with the Sharks by Debbie Reed Fischer is on sale September of '08. Published by Flux Publications.


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