Sunday, May 3, 2009

Traveling to Teens and a Note from Me

From Carol:

"Traveling to Teens is a tour event for YA authors of any genre. We, at Traveling to Teens, will help YA authors create buzz in the YA blogging community. We will get many bloggers to host you as part of the tour where interviews, guest blogs, and maybe giveaways will be posted. We are not here to help book sales since that is quite difficult to do, but we are hopefully creating a scenario for many to be interested and purchase said book.

In the blog tours, the bloggers will post a short bio about the author and a short summary of the book. Next, a review, interview, or guest blog will soon follow shortly. The interviews will be small, around 5 questions to keep the readers interested and to not have many repetitive questions posted on the other sites. Lastly, if the author is interested and has enough copies, a giveaway of the book featured will be added.

If you're an author that wants to be featured, please email us at travelingtoteens(at)"

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining Traveling to Teens let them and Carol or I know. They must fit these criteria:

1. Blog must get at least 70 hits a day.
2. Blog must have at least 70 followers (or google subscribers).
3. Blog must focus mostly on YA Books.
4. Blog must be updated more than once a week (this does not include meme)
5. You must get more than 4 comments (on average) on each post
6. You must live in the US! Unless you are able to get a copy yourself, then it works out
7. You must be committed to the day that you choose to host, if not we expect a heartfelt letter as to why or at least a week or so advance notice.

• We have been going on a prowl to include more bloggers so if you let them know we will really appreciate it!"

There won't be a IMM post today because I am sick and doped on tylenol PM and it's taking me this much to type this up as I don't have a brain today. I'll tell you what I got this week, next week.

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