Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Interview With An Awesome Person: Part 2

The first part of this interview is over at Khy's blog, The Frenetic Reader, where you can see the first five questions answered.

Jillian works at Penguin Group USA. She is an awesome person and you've probably seen her being thanked as J. or as JL or just as Jillian. She is pretty much the person that gives all the reviewers in YA book blogs ARC's from Penguin. Which is why she is awesome.

Lately, I've been thinking of what I want to do as a career and so has Khy. We both agreed that we both wanted to be Jillian's BFF. Okay, maybe not her BFF, but we want to have a job like her's, or a job in publishing as she does. So we asked her a few questions about her amazing job and a few about the blogging community and she answered with some fantastic answers.

Khy and I both hope that the readers of our blogs who are interested in the publishing career will take something from this interview and we both hope you love it. Here's part 2!

P.S. Don't ask for her email because I won't answer you. That is just rude. It is not my right to give out her email address.

6. What is it like to work with book bloggers like us?

I love it! It's one of the best parts of my job. I've had the pleasure
of working with some amazing bloggers who have provided wonderful
feedback, not only through book reviews but on promotional ideas. I've
definitely bounced some ideas back and forth with bloggers - it's great
for brainstorming.

Steph (Reviewer X) asked me some great questions about working with
bloggers in an interview last year here.

7. How long does it take to come up with EXCITING marketing stuff?

I wish instantly! Marketing needs to be consistently innovative and
engaging - I'm thankful that my company recognizes what a great tool the
Internet is for marketing purposes so we have support for trying out new
online campaigns. In the two years I've been here I've definitely seen
an increase in online marketing from eBooks to video campaigns to
widgets - it's all really fun. Plus, the more interactive - the better!

8. Just because we like upcoming book info, can you tell us about
some festive books coming out this year/next year?

A few books I'm really excited about (coming out in fall!) are After by
Amy Efaw, Blood Promise by Richelle Mead, Fire by Kristin Cashore and
Hold Still by Nina LaCour.

9. What do you think is The Next Big Thing in YA books/marketing

Online marketing is really exploding with live online events,
communities and virtual worlds. There are so many fantastic
opportunities for readers to interact with both their favorite authors
and the characters they bring to life. I think all things online will
continue to grow!

10. How much contact do you spend with authors, editors, etc?

Many of our authors are amazing with online self-promotion; they have a
varied presence through blogs, websites, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook,
etc. It's fantastic. I wish my favorite authors were this accessible
when I was a teen! I work with both authors and their editors to further
enhance their web presence and to organize promotional events, blog
tours, etc. Sometimes really little things add up to a huge increase in
awareness. I do my best to connect authors to their audience while
getting the word out there about new releases!

11. What's the best thing about your job?

I'm surrounded by books! My job rests on the foundation of my hobbies:
reading and all things online. My position involves working on websites
I'd need to minimize on screen at any other company. How cool is that?

Thank you sooooo sooooo much Jillian.

Everyone: Doesn't she obviously rock? She's awesome.

Remember! Check out Khy's post on her blog for the first part of this interview!


  1. Nice! You two did a great job with the interview and it sure does sound like Jillian has a grrrreat job.

  2. Great conclusion to this interview- I loved reading it! :)

  3. I think it's really great that you and Khy already have some insight into the profession that you hope to someday work in! Young and ambitious, I love it!

    Wonderful interview!

  4. It was a great interview. I've been thinking publicity for a future job, so it's nice to hear more about the actual job and how she got to where she is. I'm in college now, so I'm definitely working towards trying things to build up my resume like internships and whatnot.



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