Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Fortunes Of Indigo Skye by Deb Caletti

Eighteen-year-old Indigo Skye feels like she has it all - a waitress job she loves, an adorable refrigerator-delivery-guy boyfriend, and a home life that's slightly crazed but rich in love. Until a mysterious man at the restaurant leaves her a 2.5 million-dollar tip, and her life as she knew it is transformed. At first its amazing: a hot new car, enormous flat-screen TV, and presents for everyone she cares about. She laughs off the warnings that money changes people, that they come to rely on what they have instead of who they are. Because it won't happen...not to her. Or will it? What do you do when you can buy anything your heart desires -- but what your heart desires can't be bought? This is the story of a girl who gets rich, gets lost, and ultimately finds her way back - if not to where she started, then to where she can start again.

Indigo Skye is the most original, down-to-earth of a character I have read in a long time. She has attitude, empathy, integrity, and learns to get loyalty. Caletti has written a novel that anybody would laugh with. The witty bunch of characters and descriptions is flawless. When reading this novel I was wishing I was in their world, I was wishing I had the kind of relationships Indigo does with all the diverting characters in this novel.

Caletti went where she hasn't gone yet from her other novels. Hawaii, California, porsches, tattoos, tsunamis, etcetera. She's brought something to this novel she hasn't brought to her four other novels. This book was yet another distinguished tale that I know I won't forget. Well done.

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  1. I have been waiting forever for this novel. When I first saw the cover and knew it was real, I screamed so loud.

    And I'm glad it turned out good. I just cannot wait to get my hold on this novel. Thanks for the great review!

  2. i haven't read any of Caletti's books and this one sounds very interesting, maybe I'll have to pick it up!

  3. I just got this book the other day and can't wait to read it. I haven't read any of Caletti's books but they all sound fabulous.


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