Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Waiting On" Wednesday (34)

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

(No cover yet)

Sophie Mercer thought being a teenage witch meant flying broomsticks, talking cats, and awesome spells. Instead, her mom still makes her ride the bus, she’s allergic to pet dander, and the one big spell she attempts at prom goes seriously bad-like, Carrie-levels of bad. As a result, Sophie is shipped off to Prentiss Academy, a boarding school for Witches, Shapeshifters, and Faeries. At Prentiss, Sophie discovers that the traumas of regular school have nothing on the goings-on at “Freak High,” what with the trio of Dark Witches who want Sophie to join their coven, her futile crush on Prentiss’s hottest Warlock, and her roommate, Jenna, who just happens to be Prentiss’s only Vampire. When members of Sophie’s coven are attacked, she finds herself trying to exonerate Jenna and solve the mystery, which might be more connected to Sophie than she ever could have guessed.


  1. Hi, did you email me?
    I am afraid the beginning looked like spam so had to check that the blog was real.

  2. That is so weird, i got this email:
    Hello dear,
    I believe that you are doing fine today/
    I found your email and wish to say HI and to request to talk with you as soon as you ca have the opportunity.
    I am praying that this message find you in good health and happiness as ever.
    Best of the day.


    Looks like spam in the beginning and then your blog add...and obviously not your name I see now

  3. Spam is getting stranger, well at least i didn't click the link.
    But hey thanks for the reply :)

  4. This book looks goooood.

  5. Oh, thanks so much for picking HEX HALL for this week's WOW! I really hope you enjoy the book when it finally (FINAAAALLY) comes out in March! ;-)


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