Sunday, April 19, 2009

Four Blogger Interviews in One.

Khy, Sarah, Hope, and Zoe and I were talking on Skype and I felt like interviewing someone, so, here we are. This is about them and their insight on their blogs. Have fun reading! It's pretty funny!

1: How did you name your blog?

Khy: I looked for words that were synonymous (I think I spelled that wrong) with frantic. Frenetic was one. THE END.
Hope: I got my name because I am very unoriginal. And uncreative. And you have to have a bookshelf for books, right? So Hope's Bookshelf was born.
Sarah: I was bored and tried to think up something that didn't sound like anyone else and so Sarah's Random Musings was born
Zoe: It's my name... and "Book Reviews"...

2: Why did you decide to make a book reviewing blog?

Khy: Because I was bored. And I like books.
Hope: For me it was a very impulsive decision. On Feburary 10th of last year I had a snow day and ended up stumbling upon The Page Flipper and The Story Siren, and right after decided that I needed one. xD
Sarah: My family was on the way to shoot me, if I didn't stop talking about books... and I saw The Story Siren and The Page Flipper. So I jumped on the Bandwagon
Zoe: Because I wanted to rant about books without my parents getting annoyed, but, I still rant to them, and they still get I have continued to do it because I love to read, write, and I love the blogging community.

3: Umm...What was your first book review? Do you think you did a good job?

Khy: Guitar Girl. I wrote it so long ago that I don't even remember if i did good.
Hope: It was Love and Other Four Letter Words. And it was horrible.
Sarah: It was Paper Towns... and the review was okay... I guess.
Zoe: Mine was Looking for Alaska... I don't think it was that good because I mostly talked about my fangirling of John Green.

4: How much do you think your reviews have grown?

Khy: I don't use lists anymore. that's good.
Hope: I think I talk a lot more about the content of the actual book more than I did before. In the beginning I also was kind of scared to give my real opinion sometimes, and now, I'm not.
Sarah: My reviews are starting to show my voice and opinion.
Zoe: I think I rant less about the authors and more about the book. And I'm not afraid to give a bad review.

5: How long have you had your blog?

Khy: Almost a year! 4/26 is my blogoversary! *sniff*
Hope: A year and two months!
Sarah: Since September 2nd...2008
Zoe: October 6 2008!

6: What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Khy: Everything.
Hope: Pretty much everything. I love meeting new people and talking to all the bloggers and authors and getting to know them better.
Sarah: Meeting New People, getting my opinion out there and much more.
Zoe: everything, but I specifically enjoy talking to bloggers; they are awesome!

7: Least favorite thing about blogging?

Khy: Err...the feeling that I will never ever finish all the amazing-sounding books out there.
Hope: When people leave you bad comments. I think I can speak with for all of us when I say that we put TONS of time into our blogs, and when you leave us mean comments (not in a nice way) it makes us really, really sad. :(
Sarah: That my TBR list keeps on getting bigger...Oh, and the bad comments too.
Zoe: I agree with Khy.

8: How long do you think you will be blogging for?

Khy: Until I run out of time?
Hope: A looooooooooooong time.
Sarah: Until I die or get stuck in a parallel world with no books and blogs
Zoe: Until there is no more books to read Or until I die?!

9: What's something you never would've ever gotten to do without being a book blogger?

Khy: Go to NYC and stalk authors. *cough* I mean. Talk to them. Fangirl them a bit. Never stalking.
Hope: Join various social networking sites *cough*TwitterSkype*cough* and meet and talk to lots of sweet people.
Sarah: Um, get Twitter, Start Seven Book Babes, get Skype, E-mail Authors, and more
Zoe: Talk to awesome authors, such as David-freaking-Levithan! Go on Skype, Twitter, and Facebook.

10: What's something you hope to do in the future with your blog that hasn't happened before.

Khy: Something festive. I dunno. I'm bad at ideas. Interview JK Rowling. Stalk JK Rowling And provide evidence.
Hope: Interview major big-time authors. Like John Green. Or Maureen Johnson.
Sarah: Interview John Green, that would make my life. Also Sarah Dessen would be nice oh my goodness... JK Rowling for sure... she got me into reading
Zoe: Interview John-freaking-Green! Interviewing JK Rowling would make my life. Interview Markus Zusak and other awesome authors.

Thanks for that insight in your blogging world!

Authors: You see that last question right? So get on it!


  1. That was a fun Skype conversation! lol.


    ...that's what I get for not being on Skype 24/7.


  3. That was so much fun.
    Jordyn, We love you!

  4. Fun! I really hope one of you gets to interview John Green!


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