Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winner of The ABC's of Kissing Boys!

This will be quick because I'm excited for LOST starting again in 15 minutes. But anyhow, I was shocked to see how many people signed up for the contest! I was so pleased and am so happy that On The Outside is doing great, I have a ton of authors lined up to share their cover and/or title stories with us until at least April. And maybe longer, but please if any authors are reading this and want to do a On The Outside post with me, please email me with the address on the left.

Anyhow, the winner, randomly chosen from a random number generator is Ashley from Ashley's Bookshelf! Congratulations! I have already emailed you and if you haven't already, you should be receiving an email from Tina soon!

Also, thanks Tina for offering your book!


Good? Bad? Ugly? I don't care as long as you tell me!

(P.S. You might have to double click.)