Saturday, January 24, 2009

Questions and Answers

A few bloggers asked me some questions, so I thought I'd answer them then today, so here you go in all my honesty.

"What do you like to do besides read?" From Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag
-Thanks Lauren, well, I'm a bit of a TV-aholic. I love prime time TV, I also love to watch movies and such. I cook a lot and sometimes I have fun with it. My favorite thing to cook is chicken enchiladas for my family and I. I have fun on Photoshop, I like to create headers and I have even created a blogger template for someone. Really, I just love to create and imagine, writing is a big hobby of and almost like all of the book reviewers here I would love to become a writer.

"What was one of your MOST favorite ARCS to receive and read?" From Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag
-Oh, jeez, I don't know. I don't think I could pick a favorite. But, let's see . . . Well, I really loved my ARC's of WILLOW by Julia Hoban and WINTERGIRLS by Laurie Halse Anderson, those books are so fantastic, but I should have two ARC's coming in for ALONG FOR THE RIDE by Sarah Dessen and PERFECT FIFTHS by Megan McCafferty really soon so I think those will be right up there with WILLOW and WINTERGIRLS and I should be getting an ARC for ONE LONELY DEGREE by C. K. Kelly Martin around March that I am so excited for also. So those three books will without a doubt be up there with those other two books I mentioned.

"What do you hope to change in the blog in the next year, if anything of course?" From Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag
-Hmmm....Well, I'd like to think of another feature for my blog to get more viewers, I also hope to craft my reviews a bit better. I really just want to share my blog and reviews with everybody I can and I plan to think of ways to do so. I also might change my layout a bit but I'm quite fond of it right now so I might keep it longer then I usually do for my layouts.

"If you could only take 3 books to a desert island, which 3 would they be?" From Tina Ferraro
-Tough Question! Oh, I would probably take Hatchet by Gary Paulsen because not only is it an awesome and enjoyable story it also has survival techniques in it. Are they coming out with one big book with all the Harry Potter books in it? That would count as one more book right? I would definitely take that. And, hmmmm, I think I would take Marley and Me by John Grogan because it's funny and sad and excellent. A book I would never tire of.

Thanks so much for the questions! If anyone has any more questions today, I could edit it and add it in more. But, I would also like to thank everybody who congratulated me on my one year, it made my week! Truly, thank you so much, this blog couldn't be what it is without you guys!


  1. My favorite ARCs? Hunger Games and Dust of 100 Dogs.

  2. Thanks for answering my question! I adore HATCHET, too. And I simply have to pick up MARLEY AND ME!

  3. Thanks for answering my questions. You know, I really didn't like Hatchet, but I suppose it would be very good for the tips! lol

    And you're getting an ARC of Along for the Ride? That's awesome! I still haven't read a book by Sarah Dessen, but I REALLYYY want too.


  4. I enjoyed reading this. Those ARCs sound so awesome. I wish I got one someday.

    You should post Q&A like this often, it's fun : )

  5. You have Perfect Fifths? *intense dislike*


    I agree, Willow and Wintergirls were both pretty awesome. There's so many great books out this year!

  6. I love to watch TV at prime time too!!! So many crime shows or some different ones. They're my favorite !!


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