Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm a Contributor

Okay, this is really un-book-related but I felt the need to post about it.

My family signed up about 2-3 weeks ago to start fostering dogs. My family loves dogs, we've always had them, I just never remember growing up without a dog, and even a cat, in my life, so this is really exciting.

Anyways, my mom started this blog, It's A Dogs World. It's a blog that she started to just blog about fostering dogs. We have two dogs right now, they aren't up for adoption yet, but one dog has until tomorrow, and the other has until Saturday, I think. So if nobody claims them, we'll keep them for the long run, well at least one of them.

My family owns 3 dogs, Maggie-Tucker-Dusty, and two cats Dasher-Tupelo (Don't Ask).

So, anyway, I'm a contributor to this blog with my mom. So, what I'm really saying, is just: Check it out, here.

Also, expect a review of The Blonde of The Joke sometime today or tomorrow. It's really late becasue I finished it on Monday but schools been hectic since we only had a three day week and there was deer hunting and a bunch of people were gone, so yeah. But, now, I have four full days left. And remember, the Halloween/Birthday Contest ends this Monday, on midnight, on my birthday, SO get the word out for last minute entries!


  1. Good for you!
    It's great to help out.
    Our school is big on things like that.
    -Calling cards for the troops
    -Shoe boxes filled with gifts for the less fortunate..
    I feel great wheni help people

  2. Ur dogs look so cute. I love dogs. I don't know if i can get along with cat but dogs... OMG I love them :)


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