Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two years coming, but here I am.


So, it's been just about two years since I've posted in my blog. I've thought about my blog a lot over those two years and I've checked in on it a lot. Just to make sure it was still there I guess. Maybe because I knew one day that I would really return here even though at some point I had once told myself that I probably wouldn't.

Life happens. I said that in my last post almost two years ago. Life did happen, in retrospect, I really wasn't in a very stable place in time then. But during the last two years, a lot has happened. I'm not going to go into detail, but I'll just say that I'm much happier now. When I started blogging, I was just a few months into being fourteen. Now I'm seventeen. I was in eighth grade, and now I'm a junior in high school. I've grown up a lot, and I've changed a lot.

Throughout the last two years, whenever I would visit my blog, I would see something that would jut amaze me beyond belief. Every single one of you still were following my blog. Every time I saw that I smile. So thank you.

I'd like to say that I'm going to be back now. I know it won't be like it was before I left. But in a way, I think that might be better. I can go at my own pace. Two years ago, when everything was happening, I really slowed down on my reading. Maybe, maybe, a book a month. If that. That continued on for a long while. I slowly started picking up a bit more, but nothing like when I was blogging.

Now, though, for the past three months or so, I've been reading very consistently. With the help and excitement of my best friend, Kendal, I started reviewing books on my goodreads again. Everyday in our Intro to Business class we would be on the computers, browsing through goodreads because it was one of the websites our school didn't block. I've just become increasingly more into reading and writing again by searching through all the books that I missed from not having kept up with everything. Anyhow, Kendal started her own reviewing blog (you can view it here, she just started and she's doing fantastic already. She's such a talented writer.), and I've been helping her here and there (mostly with HTML) and I noticed myself becoming more and more interesting into reviewing for my blog again.

So here I am. I'm back now and let me tell you that I'm so relieved. It's something I missed so much, you won't ever know. I haven't been here for two years and I know a lot of stuff is different and a lot of new bloggers are here and a lot of them have gone, and I haven't talked to any of you for a very long time, but I'm here now and I hope I can catch up with you all.

But first let me thank any one of you who are reading this. Everyone of my past followers are my inspiration and I would not be here if it weren't for you guys. So thank you.


  1. I'm glad you are coming back. Did I ever tell you how amazing your header is? Jealous! xD

  2. I'm glad you started again (:
    I think you made the right decision my friend c:

  3. hey girl hey! glad you're doing better <3 and glad you're back!

  4. Yay! I'm so happy you're back. =) We all missed you! I'm so so so happy you're doing better =)


  5. Welcome back! I can't remember if I ever commented before, but if there's a time to de-lurk, now seems to be it (belated, of course.) As someone who has been blogging on-and-off since I was fifteen (and that was... a frigteningly long time ago) I know how important a good long break can be, and how nice it can be to come back too.

  6. I'm a little (well really a lot) late on commenting on this, but I'm SO happy to see you're back to blogging! When I first started I LOVED your blog, so it's great to see you reviewing again. Also, that's fabulous that you're doing better! :)

  7. You're back! I'm so late on commenting but YES! I am so happy right now! Your blog was the reason I began book blogging in the first place and it's so awesome to have you back!


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