Friday, October 2, 2009

Winner of FIRE by Kristin Cashore!

I had a total of 41 entrants and 77 entries! I total success I think!

I used to determine the winner, sadly the winner didn't leave an email address I could reach her at, and I specifically said to leave an email address in the post or else they would be deleted from the contest, I'm sorry to say it. So I had to pick a new winner, and they happened to be:
Shawna Lewis!

Congratulations Shawna you have won a signed finished copy of FIRE by Kristin Cashore! I will be emailing you before tomorrow and you have before the end of the weekend to email me back with an address so the publisher can get the book out to you!

Now, I asked what you could do if you were named Fire, I had a blast reading the fantastic answers and they made me laugh, which is what I was going for!

Shawna answered:
If my name was fire it would suit me because I have such a enter fire burning bright all the time so Fire fit me Perfect that or Sunshine!!

And a few others I enjoyed.

Chelsie said:
If my name were fire, I could go to your school and burn all your homework. Or torch some crabby teacher's butts... whichever would make you less stressed =P

Sara said:
If my name was Fire, I'd cause a lot of accidental fire alarms when my friends come running after me (trying to catch up because I'm a fast walker) yelling my name. People would see them running and yelling "Fire!" and think there was a real fire... :)

Thao said:
If my name was Fire... if someone ever accidently sit on me, my friends can tell that person, "you're on Fire"

Julie Ke said:
If my name was Fire, I would dye my hair three different colors of fiery red, and learn how to fire dance.

Of course they were all great, you can click here to read them all.

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