Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reading Lag

So, since about a month ago, when I was sick with bronchitis and a fever, I haven't been reading much. I've been looking at everybody else's blogs and they have like 20 reviews a month. Here I am with 3-5 a month. I calling it the Reading Lag. It's taking me awhile to actually read a book since my sickness, like a week (it depends on the size). So I just thought I'd share that if any of you bloggers were wondering why I have so many less book reviews on my blog then yours. I'm still not there like I used to be, reading 5 or so books a week, but I'm getting there. I think if I just get excited about one book, which'll probably be Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, which comes out in a month, then I'll read that book in as little as hours and be back on my usual schedule. Maybe. Hopefully.

Wish Me Luck, HaHa.


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